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Sulaiman Zahir Salaam III wasted no time honing his craft. Known among the entertainment industry as Suli4Q, he initiated his musical career at the age of three, performing at any outlet that would get him closer to his dream. At nine years old, Salaam was featured on one of his father's singles, "Mad Skills," which became an instant success on the underground Kansas City music scene. He has been rapping, writing, producing, and recording ever since. After winning a hip hop contest, Salaam moved to Atlanta and is proud to call the peach state his home. He performs at various clubs and showcases throughout Atlanta including Havana Club, Aurum Lounge and Carizma. His most recent Jam House Records mixtape release, Undeniable is a hit in the Atlanta market. Salaam is signed to the independent label, Jam House Records and currently has recording (audio and visual) and editing tools at his disposable. He can record and produce music, as well as create video content.

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Finster is a group of talented artists drawing on a mix of blues and classic rock, while focusing on modern hooks and rhythms. Finster was created by a group of childhood friends that had played together in the past with different bands and rejoined with a shared image, chic and attitude.

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Tyler Noel

Tyler Noel is a rising R&B recording artist and songwriter. From her humble beginnings in a choir at church, Noel has had many achievements. She has released a duet with R&B sensation Pleasure P called "I Can Do It Better," produced by Lil' Ronnie. Music is her home, no matter where she goes.

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DJ Midnite Panda

Seje Omieno is not only an impressively talented DJ, but also an astonishing producer going by the alias of DJ Midnite Panda. Midnite Panda brings life to every party playing a variety of genres such as House, Hip Hop, Dub step, and Trap. His DJ sets are sure to get you on to the dance floor.

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Lyrical A.J.

Lyrical A.J. is on a mission to change the lives of his fans through his hip hop music. With his witty delivery, energetic performances, and relatable subject matter, A.J. is continuing to make a name for himself by putting on live shows that resonate with his audiences.

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Lingo is a band with their own secret language. There are familiar components, to be sureripping guitar solos that evoke the Allman Brothers, African and Latin grooves, jazz and funk, soulful vocals, thoughtful lyrics. Lingo is currently one of the best-kept secrets in music with growing popularity

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Shawn Aris

Sticking with a traditional R&B sound, Shawn Aris is a natural when it comes to smooth, easy going music with distinctive hip-hop beats and beautiful lyrics, Shawn Aris knows how to make you move. All his music is authentic, and he derives most of his inspiration from the poetry he creates.

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Kyron Leslie

Kyron Leslie is a rising singer-songwriter who intends to redefine the soul genre with his meaning. Leslie has a soft, unique vocal tone and an enticing stage presence that has grabbed the attention of audiences all over. His soulful music has expressions of his own personal experiences.

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Loraine is a post-rock band that plays gentle sound blends in instrumental genius to produce a foreboding, forceful element with a distinct sound characterized by long dynamic builds, flowing melodies, and slow shoegaze sways. Loraine's main influence is Explosions in the Sky.

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Halo Ceasar

Halo Ceasar is a rapper, and he describes his music as music for all ears as well as conscious mixed with a little mainstream. Ceasar s now studying Audio Production at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Ceasar uses rap as an outlet to express his feelings and began recording in high school.